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Introductory Post.

Hi all,

I've been thinking about this topic for a long time now (as some of you will know).  I consider myself a Romano-Celtic syncretist.  What this means in reality is that I honour and worship both Roman and Celtic deities.  I tend to focus in on a select number of deities, and I participate in rituals in both contexts.  In the future I'd like to find ways to bring these two aspects of my faith closer together.

I don't think introducing yourself should be a requirement, but if you are so moved... please do!

In order to get the ball rolling, what are peoples thoughts on this article from the Association of Polytheistic Traditions: On being a Roman Pagan in the Twenty-Ninth Century.

I really like it personally and in some ways I've used it as a means of explaining to people what it is I "do".
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