Konchog Sherab Zangmo (bodhibird) wrote in romano_celtic,
Konchog Sherab Zangmo

Rosmerta and research

Can anyone point me to Good Stuff about this goddess? Books, links, articles? Ceisiwr Serith, in his book A Book of Pagan Prayer, asserts that she was syncretised with Fortuna; can anyone confirm or deny this? I can say from personal experience that praying to her about housework helps. *g*

And a wider question: What are good indexes, online or in print, for researching topics in pagan religion? I work in a library, the central library of the city's system; we're good but not great for this kind of research, I think, not as good as an academic library would be. But I know how to manage online databases and periodicals indices; I worked in the Periodicals Department for over ten years.
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