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Reading List?

What sort of books would you think are essential to include on a reading list for a Roman Celtic Pagan?

I'd include such books as:

  - Roman Britain, by Guy de la Bedoyere

  - Pagan Religions of the British Isles, by Ronald Hutton

  - Pagan Celtic Britain, by Anne Ross

  - The Gods of the Celts, by Miranda Greene

  - Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend, by Miranda Greene

  - Tacitus - Agricola and Annals of Imperial Rome (there might be other texts wich contact between Romans and Celts take place in other works of Tacitus)

   - Julius Caesar, The Conquest of Gaul (this I have not read, but I'm sure there's lots of information - obviously from biased in favour of Rome)

   - Livy, Ab Urbe Condita (The Founding of Rome).  I haven't read this in its entirity, but it talks about contact between Celts and Romans, including a really neat "battle crow" scene between a Gaulish warrior and a Roman centurian.

Books dealing with Roman religion that I particularly like (or think I will like):

   - Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity, by A. D. Lee (a good sourcebook)
   - Paganism in the Roman Empire, by Ramsay McMullen
   - Roman Religion, by Valerie M. Warrior (this is a nice little source book)
   - La religion des romains, by John Scheid
   - Religion et piete a Rome, by John Scheid (I haven't finished this but the intro is great - it talks about the falacy of considering religions as "dead" and suggests that instead they evolve organically over time).

I'm sure we can come up with a lot more...

ADDITIONAL: I must have this book, and it seems an ideal candidate for the list,  "A Companion to Roman Britain", by Malcolm Todd (ed).

Note:  If you post some book suggestions outside this post, and please feel free, make sure to tag it "books" so we can have an ongoing reading list.  We should make a point of tagging threads as consistently as we can.
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