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romano_celtic's Journal

Romano-Celtic Paganism
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This is a community dedicated to discussing Roman Celtic Paganism. The intent is to evaluate the evidence for historical syncretism (through contact, trade, and conquest) between the Roman Empire and Celtic lands, and to find ways of using this evidence to practise Romano-Celtic religion today. Ideally this will be a place for Pagans interested in exploring both Roman and Celtic religions (syncretists on both sides of the equation). Some of the topics we explore are: What would the rituals look like, how are Gods reconciled (or are they) - i.e. is the Interpretatio Romana something that offers insights? At what point does one cross the "line" into eclecticism? What do we mean by Romano-Celtic? The idea of imperialist oppression et al would be a topic of course, but would be of secondary concern really.

So in brief, this is a group interested in living both a Roman and Celtic religious path - and where possible exploring opportunities for syncretism between the two (i.e. worship of Sulis-Minerva, Jupiter-Taranis, or Nodens-Mars). Eventually, if enough interest results from this and similar groups, a more formalised Romano-Celtic organization could be created in time from the input and discussions of interested parties.

Other communities of interest:

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Cults / Colleges:

eponacult, taraniscult

This community is unmoderated at present, and open to anyone. Introductory posts are not required, but are recommended – because it is a great way to get to know each other and it helps to stimulate conversation. The rules are simple: stay on topic and be respectful. If things get out of hand or we fall prey to internet trolling and the like measures could be taken to ensure the community remains an hospitable place for everyone involved.