Konchog Sherab Zangmo (bodhibird) wrote in romano_celtic,
Konchog Sherab Zangmo

I hope you all don't mind an introduction...

I didn't even know I was interested in Romano-Celtic syncretism until my buddy sannion pointed to this community. Then the pinball machine in my head went "tilt", and I immediately signed up.

My name is Mam Adar, which is a fancy Welsh way of saying "mommybird", and I'm a First Degree member of the Ancient Order of Druids in America. The Order's origins are in Revival/fraternal Druidry, but its membership encompasses Christians, pagans, polytheists, Wiccan/Druid hybrids, and all sorts and conditions of folk. In the two years since I've been a member, my personal practice has slowly mutated from Pagan-friendly Episcopalian Druid to committed polytheist who is attracted to and by, well, mostly gods and goddesses attested in Celtic areas under Roman influence, such as Sulis Minerva. I'm also an Adept of the New Hermetics and very interested in Tibetan Buddhism, though I don't formally study with anyone. I just meditate, read a lot of books, and find myself trying to apply Tibetan Buddhist concepts to Western religions. I guess that makes me strange. Also, I have a number of weird chicken-themed icons, just so you know.

I've had a longtime interest in Roman religion, starting when I was a kid, as well as a longtime interest in Celtic mythology up to and including the Arthurian corpus, and as ursus_of_unrv said here, I can see putting some Celtic flesh on a Roman skeleton in my personal practice. So I'm here to explore and see if this is something the gods want me to do.

Pax et slainte! *g*
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