Konchog Sherab Zangmo (bodhibird) wrote in romano_celtic,
Konchog Sherab Zangmo

Baby steps

I have taken a few small steps toward making Romano-Celtic syncretism part of my practice, and the gods do seem pleased. The main thing I did was to cover my head when I did a rite of offering on Sunday. I wear a plain white cotton robe with a cord belt, Revival-Druid style, and I happen to have a white cotton shawl trimmed with fringe which I wear very seldom. I used the shawl for a head covering, and it must have been a sign of divine favor that it stayed where I put it, because my hair is so fine and thin that it doesn't hold anything (for example, I've never been able to wear fancy hair ornaments because they just slide right off). It made me feel very serious about what I was doing; I felt I could actually take myself seriously as a ritualist, as a druid. Of course, it also really entertained my two cockatiels as well. *g*

I am curious about something: I feel very shy about naming my deities in public, telling other people who they are, especially my recently contacted patrons. I have noticed that a lot of people in online pagan fora do not feel this way. I am just getting to the point where I feel willing to say, "I have a pantheon, and they are Celtic deities attested by Roman writers and archeological remains, including X, Y, and Z." Talking about my patrons, however, is, well, rather more difficult than talking about my sex life. (Which I do only in carefully filtered posts!)

Any thoughts on these issues are welcomed--except thoughts on my (putative) sex life!
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