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Still here and August Festivals

I'm still here, but have been really busy - sorry.  What are peoples thoughts on celebrating Lughnasadh from a Romano-Celtic perspective.  Is it appropriate, inappropriate?  What sorts of themes could carry over, are there are any strong Roman cross-overs at this time of year?

Here are the list of festivals I recorded earlier, and there are room for more! 

August – Lughnasadh, Opalia, Vertumnalia, Nemoralia, Portunalia, Vinalia Rustica, Consualia, Vulcanalia, Opiconsivia, Volturnalia

Of those, I can see some thematic similarities, which probably have to do with the harvest and with the agricultural cycle in general in any case.  I find it interesting that we seem to have protectors of cattle, fire festivals, and deities having to do with plants and agriculture, earth and fertility, overlapping.  This is relatively stream of consciousness on my part here - and I'd be really pleased to have a discussion with others on these topics.
Tags: august, consualia, festivals, lughnasadh, nemoralia, opalia, opiconsivia, portunalia, vertumnalia, vinalia rustica, volturnalia, vulcanalia
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